jeudi 22 mai 2014

Etats-Unis : Union Wine Company rachète Amity Vineyards (Oregon)

Ryan Harms and his Union Wine Company continue making moves, the latest being the acquisition of Amity Vineyards. Amity Vineyards is one of Oregon’s pioneering brands. The vineyard was planted in 1971 by Jerry and Ann Preston and purchased three years later by Myron Redford, who has owned it ever since.

Harms, in a news release, said he will continue Amity’s focus on pinot noir, including an organic, sulfite-free bottling, as well as on pinot blanc and gamay noir.

“Acquiring Amity is an opportunity to fulfill my larger commitment to the Oregon wine industry,” Harms said. “My hope is to raise the profile of the varietals that Myron introduced to Oregon more than 30 years ago.”

Added Redford, “For me, this acquisition represents the melding of the old and the new. Ryan brings the spirit of the younger generation and partners this with a passion and respect for the traditions of Oregon. It’s a good marriage.”