jeudi 24 octobre 2013

Russie : Ladoga prend une participation majoritaire dans la distillerie Fruko Schulz (République Tchèque)

Ladoga, the Russian producer of alcohol, acquired a majority stake in the fifth largest distillery in the Czech Republic, Fruko Schulz.

The Czech-language news report cited Josef Nejedly, one of the former owners of the distillery, as saying that Fruko Schulz wants to focus more on foreign markets, namely on Russia. Vladislav Blecha, the other co-owner of the distillery, who owned 50% in the company, sold his entire stake in the target; Nejedly sold half of his unspecified stake.

Fruko Schulz posted sales of CZK 199.6m (EUR 7.7m) last year, it noted.

According to the the target website, the company has been a long-term business partner of the target and in 2010 acquired an unspecified stake in it.

source : Lidove Noviny